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Accessibility Guidelines

Accessibility Help
Welcome to the Zamzam Market. We’ve improved a few things, and this guide explains what’s different in our Accessibility Guidelines.

If you're having trouble and can't find the help you need on this page, please report the issue to us, email us, or phone us.

1. Accessibility Help
Help to address issues with assistive technology and interaction on supported browsers, platforms and screen readers.

In Voiceover (iOS 10.2), you may have difficulty interacting with links and buttons. At this stage, we recommend that you stay on iOS 9.3.5 for a better experience.

You can use JAWS software to make purcahses. However there are some issues associated form labels for radio buttons or checkboxes when reading the page using the arrow keys.

Use the TAB key instead of arrow keys or, use insert F5, to move through and the labels will be announced.

2. Using our site on a desktop
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 11

If you have upgraded to Windows 10, Microsoft recommends IE11 and not the latest Edge browser.

To change your default browser, follow the instructions provided by Freedom Scientific:

Supported platforms: Windows 7
Supported screen readers: JAWS 17
Supported combinations: IE11 and JAWS 17

3. Using our site on an iPad
Supported browsers: Safari for iPad
Supported platforms: iOS 9.3.5
Supported screen readers: VoiceOver on iPad

4. Key skip links to get started
There are some skip links at the top of the page that will help you navigate the page faster when you arrive.

These include Skip to content link, skip to Browse by Category link, View shopping cart link, Accessibility help link, Accessibility issues, Let us know your feedback link and Home Zamzam Market online link.

5. Logging out
To log out of the site, navigate to Your Account and select the Log out link.

6. Basic navigation on the site with JAWS and VoiceOver
Navigating by headings
Both JAWS and VoiceOver allow you to navigate sections of the site using headings.

Using JAWS h key will allow you to move from heading to heading. The headings setting on the VoiceOver rotor will allow you to do the same on iPad.

Navigating by links
You can quickly access links with JAWS and VoiceOver shortcuts.

In JAWS, INSERT+F7 will bring up the links list dialog. In VoiceOver you can use the links setting on the rotor.

Pop up dialog boxes
Many functions on the site use pop up dialog boxes. These can be closed using the Close this pop up dialog box link or the Escape key.

7. Finding products on the site
On this site, all products can be found searching for or browsing via categories.

8. Using search
To perform a search, start typing the item you would like to find in the search field and then select the Search button.

If you are using JAWS, you can also use the auto suggest menu. As soon as you type 2 letters into the search field, use the down arrow key to navigate the auto suggest options. Selecting an option will then perform a search. We recommend if you are using Voiceover, that you avoid using the auto suggest menu as it doesn’t interact well at present.

The search field relates to the section that you are browsing. For example, a search in the Specials section will return results found only in the Specials section.

To filter the search results, select links for Everything, Bought Before or Specials. If you move to a new section, the search will be automatically performed in the new section.

If there is more than 1 page of results, page numbers will be available to allow you to move to the next set of results.

9. Clearing a search
Once a search has been performed, you will remain in search mode until you select the Clear search button. This means that the search will be performed on each section as you move around the site.

Selecting Clear search will remove the search filter.

10. Adding products to the shopping cart
You can only add items to the shopping cart if you are logged in.

11. Removing products from the shopping cart
To remove an item, go to the product you wish to remove and select the Choose a different quantity button. A list now appears from which you select the Remove this product from shopping cart button. This removes the product from cart.

12. Using the shopping cart
If you want to view your shopping cart, the fastest way to do this using JAWS or VoiceOver is via the View shopping cart link at the top of the page. You can also select the View shopping cart and checkout x items $x link, using either the JAWS links list or VoiceOver Rotor.

Increasing or decreasing products in your shopping cart
To increase or decrease the number of products from your shopping cart, select the Choose a different quantity for product button and navigate down the list to select the quantity you want.

13. Checking out
Go to the shopping cart and select the Skip to shopping cart total and checkout link. This directs you to the Proceed to checkout button, which will take you to the checkout if you have already selected a delivery or collection window.

If you haven't, there will be a pop up dialog box that directs you to choose a delivery time. Select the View delivery options button.

14. Choosing where to have your shopping delivered
A pop up dialog box is displayed with two options that you can choose; either collect your shopping from a Zamzam instore pickup or have your shopping delivered to an address of your choice.

15. Feedback
Provide feedback via the Accessibility issues? Let us know your contact us link.We'd love to know what you think.